MSE-CCD - Inteligent Line Scan Camera

The intelligent line scan camera MSE-CCD is an autonomously functioning, inexpensive measurement and monitoring system with high resolution. The integrated, highly powerful signal processing system exactly evaluates each scan. It delivers measurement results, and it can filter these results as well as monitor defined deviations. It can intervene directly in the process via several outputs.

High flexibility is achieved through a configurable signal processing core. The range of functions is regularly extended. User-friendly software for Windows is used to select the functional modules and their parameters. When the modules have been established and the settings have been stored, the camera works autonomously.

  • Autonomous measuring and monitoring system
  • Integrated signal processing for evaluating each scan in real-time
  • High resolution (7926 picture elements)
  • Integrated electronic shutter
  • Electrically separated digital inputs and outputs
  • Analog current interface
  • Sturdy, industrial strength design
  • Asynchronously trigger
Additional Information
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