MSE-HMD95 - Remote Hot Metal Detector

The HMD95 fully digital Remote “All-in-One” Hot Metal Detector incorporates a Bar Display showing the IR input signal relative to pre-set trip level as a linear % as well as the programmable threshold and response time set via covered external switches.

The modular Controller is secured in protective mounting Cradle. One Controller used in conjunction with the available Lens options means one standard Controller can be used throughout the mill. There is no need to stock a detector for each different trip level or requirement avoiding costly multiple inventory.

  • Fully digital “All-in-One” Design
  • Incorporates Bar Display of % IR Input Signal from product and background relative to set Trip Level
  • Programmable 270°C to 1100 deg°C Trip Level
  • Programmable response time from 2 to 200 msec
  • Operates from 80-240 VAC or 24 VDC supply
  • Remote Lenses 1°, 2°, 4°, 7° or ?° x 25° slit F.O.V.
  • Optic Leads up to 15 mtr long with 400°C spec
  • High Temp lens ratings of 180°C, 400°C or 1000°C
  • Both Cradle and Fast Reed Relay Outputs
  • Both NPN and PNP Transistor Outputs


MSE-HMD95 相冊

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