MSE-D150 - Distance Measurement

The MSE-D150 Laser Distance Measurement Sensor is designed for mobile and stationary distance measurement in a industrial environment. The sensor MSE-D150 distinguishes itself through a high precision as well as a big independence of the surface of the measured object. The MSE-D150 is design for fast measurement on a white target. The red, well visible laser beam allows a simple alignment.

  • Millimetre precise measurement at various surfaces
  • Long range reflector-less distance measurement, with additional reflectors on the object over 100m with additional reflectors1 mounted onto target
  • Simple alignment with a visible laser class
  • Stable and simple to installing housing with Protection IP 65
  • Profibus DP via UNIGATE Gateway
  • Bi-directional data-interface, switching and anlogue output
  • Distance and position measurement
  • Supervision of crane and conveyors
  • Diameter measurement of coils
  • Supervision of walking beam systems / stroke length measurement / position of lifts
Additional Information
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