MSE-LDS30 - High Frequency Distance Measurement

The MSE-LDS30 laser distance sensor is intended for general distance measurements that require extremely fast data acquisition.
    It provides up to 30,000 centimeter-precise?measuring values per second – up to 30 m without a reflector. With appropriate reflectors the MSE-LDS30 reaches objects at distances of up to 250 m.
    With the compact design shape, simple setup and configured with standard interfacing facilities, the MSE-LDS30 can easily be installed. For interfacing an analoge output, 2 digital outputs and a serial interface RS232 or RS422 are available.
    The sensor has been optimized for easy system integration and has a shock-proof and impact-resistant IP 67 housing.
    Due to the invisible and eye safe laser (905 nm) the MSE-LDS30 can also be used in public areas.

  • Applications

    • Distance measurement
    • Fast object detection
    • Use as proximity switch
    • 2D and 3D scanning applications





Additional Information
PDF Download - Datasheet

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