MSE-LP600 - Looper Optical Position Scanner
The Looper operates via internal microprocessor and a multiplexed scanned 20 Pixel InGaAs Diode Array segmented into 40 segments and scanned in 2 ms for exceptionally fast output. It provides both analogue output as well as displaying the products hot edge position via bar display.

Being a digital device, the Loopers’ response time may be precisely set to accommodate black spots, etc. without detriment to its accuracy. Furthermore, the Looper detects the product edge precisely and repeatability regardless of the product size and changes in temperature over the range of 400oc -1200oC.

Whilst normal Optical Position Scanners purely detect the product above a pre-set threshold as the Looper operates via a programmable control margin it ensures precise and repetitive positioned output regardless of the product’s size or temperature. Hence, it is not adversely affected by lens contamination, hot scale, metalwork or steam in the field of view.

  • Determines relative bar position via internal fiber optic block and multiplexed scanned germanium diode array
  • LED Array Display of product pass line for correct alignment
  • Automatic Gain operating via edge control margin evaluation
  • Analog output for product position
  • Digital outputs for product presence
  • Robust IP66 aluminum housing with water coolant chamber and separate air purge facility
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