MSE-PF100 - Hot Metal Detector Scanner

Whereas old style HMD’s purely detect the hot product above pre-set thresholds, the PATHFINDER Scanner operates by microprocessor comparison of the background and hot product signal. Neither static hot scale or steam in the field of view causes false triggering. Furthermore, lens contamination will not raise its trip level.

Microprocessor technology provides exceptionally fast and accurate detection of Rod or Strip leading/trailing edge where wide variations of IR signal are present. Response times are digitally adjusted by locking timers. To assist in alignment, product path is duplicated by an LED Bar Display. Which is also used to indicate adjustments to precise values.

  • Bar display of product pass line
  • Operates by signal comparison
  • Hot scale in Field of View ignored
  • Dirty lens & steam has no effect
  • 1 - 250 mSec. response time, adjustable
  • Continuous & remote self-test
  • Relay and Opto-isolated outputs
  • NPN / PNP Switch Selectable Transistor Output (with 24 VDC connection only)
  • 110 VAC & 24 VDC connection in one unit
  • Robust IP66 aluminum housing with unique combined air purge & cooling facility
Additional Information
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