MSE-RT20 - Visible Retro-Reflective Laser Barrier

The MSE-RT20 Retro-Reflect Laser Barrier is a robust sensor especially suited for precise detection and measurement of narrow profile product. Utilizing modulated laser beam with IR filtering enables precise detection of both cold and hot product.

The MSE-RT20 Retro-Reflect Laser Barrier operates over a range of greater than 20 meters (65FT) enabling precise detection of hot or cold product in difficult areas.

Straightforward alignment is easily accomplished via the visible red Class II laser beam. Continuous self-check facility with LED indication of reflector contamination or poor signal return.

  • Visible Retro-Reflective Laser Thru-Beam Barrier
  • >20 Meter Range
  • Detects Hot or Cold Product
  • Operates off a prism reflector detecting as small as 6mm C.S.A. product
  • Edge Resolution of 3 mm per Meter
  • IR Filtering enables use in furnace entry door
  • Class II Laser Visible Laser Light
  • Continuous Self-Check with LED Indication of contaminated lens
  • Robust cast aluminum housing rated IP66 with unique combined air purge & cooling
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